Need to Know
Need to Know


We have made a conscious decision to operate without cash on-site. This approach is driven by multiple factors, primarily focusing on enhancing the safety of our venue. By not handling cash, we significantly reduce security risks and ensure a safer environment for everyone. We understand that this might cause some inconvenience, and we apologise for any difficulties it may present. However, we firmly believe that this policy is in the best interest of our customers and staff, contributing to a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

We are not a registered childcare provider. To ensure the safety and well-being of children, it is imperative that they are accompanied by a responsible adult who is over the age of 18. Adults over 18 are presumed to have the maturity and decision-making capabilities necessary to handle unexpected situations and to provide support and care for younger individuals.

We have a dedicated Toddler Session from 10-11am. Throughout the day, we’re ideal for younger families with children aged around 4-12. We do not admit groups of teenagers.

To ensure the highest safety standards and due to the lack of detailed specifications for socks from other parks, we are unable to accommodate them. This policy is in place to prevent potential injuries.

For your safety and comfort, all participants are required to wear Inflatabubble socks. These socks are a one-time purchase and can be reused. Store them in your glove box, ready for your next adventure!

We suggest you wear comfortable clothes; sports gear is ideal. No jewellery or sharp objects such as belt buckles or clothing studs are permitted on the inflatable. For your safety and hygiene reasons, we ask that you wear our specifically made inflatable socks. Please note, socks from other parks aren’t permitted.

No, however, we recommend booking online to guarantee your place. We want everybody to have a great time, so we limit the number of bouncers per hour.

You can find our bounce pricing here.
Our café menu can be found here.

We want everybody to have safe fun. Therefore, we ask that you always listen to the instruction of staff and abide by the rules of play. The staff are first aid trained and on-site at all times to keep you and others safe.

We are most suited to young families with primary aged children. If you have younger children, why not try our Toddler Time! sessions that run on Saturday mornings 10-11am. 

Try to arrive 5 minutes before you allocated time slot.

Yes. Get in touch will us at or call 01244 940 443 for assistance.

We require a minimum of 1 parent/guardian to be present per 5 children.

Yes, and it’s FREE! We’re parents too, and we understand sometimes you just need to relax while the kids burn off some energy. Check out our café menu. Yes… the coffee is a barista masterpiece!

Anyone is welcome! We advise that younger children should be under the supervision of a parent or a responsible adult.

Our manufacturer recommends a maximum weight of 120kg.

Sure, as long as you give us 24hrs notice so we can try and resell your space. For assistance, please call 01244 940 443.